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I got a digital camera.

Here I am. Woman with a Digital Camera, May 27, 2000. (Apologies to Dziga Vertov, the Man with a Movie Camera.) The apartment in the background above is not mine. The family in the kitchen below is.

April 28, 1968.



Photo collections:
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New York New Year 2004

Max and Cynthia's Wedding 8/30/2003

Clearwater, Connecticut, and Asbury Park 6/03

Illinois Railway Museum 5/26/03

A Farewell to Hatton 5/16/03

New Year's Journey 2003

Cuba 12/02

Hanukkah 12/6/02

Halloween 2002

Hunnert Car Pile-up 10/12/02

Delafield Day 10/11/02

Retirement Party 7/28/02

Larry and Lorien's Wedding 6/30/2002

My Birthday Party 6/1/02

Pete Seeger & Weavermania 4/20/02

Supercomputing, Dallas 11/3-10/00

Halloween 10/28/00

Great Big Sea 10/12/00

Fox Valley Folk Festival 9/4/00

Great Big Sea/Navy Pier 9/3/00

Great Big Sea 5/29/00

Great Big Sea 5/28/00


Learn about the band Great Big Sea at their official site (predictably)